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Fashion designers work in a number of ways. Some sketch their ideas on paper, while others drape fabric on a dress form.

When a designer is completely satisfied with the design, he or she will usually create a sample garment, which is a toile. A toile is a mockup of the garment made out of inexpensive fabric so that the fashion designer can make any necessary adjustments before cutting the final garment from more expensive fabric.


Industry: Clothing, shoes, cosmetics and accessories

Gracie show stopper is a fashion design and outfit make over company involved in both men and women clothings especially with the use of the Ankara fabrics suitable for both home and abroad markets.

Gracie show stopper is into the designing of fabrics of different sorts both the ankara and other conventional fabrics with the aim of making our clients appear exceptionally shinning and show stopping at whatever occasion they attend. The other aim is to make them appear unique, expensive but yet simple and sophisticated with the touch of our finety tuned designs.

We even do make overs for those who wish to attend functions. Our uniqueness hits all spheres, fashions, make up, accessories and beauty products. We are also into the training of persons.


Gracie show stopper fashion offers few but very distinct products and service that meets the demands of our customers anytime. They are:

  1. Uniqueness of our styles and a new look.
  2. Prompt delivery services and quality design.
  3. Customer care.
  4. Online ordering for all our products
  5. Home delivery services
  6. Classes for apprentices and trainees.


Our Objectives    

  1. Constant growth in sales in 12 months
  2. To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 60% of our customer base is repeat business.
  3. To provide quality product at reasonable prices with exemplary services.

Our goals

  1. To be a one stop-shop in south west for fashion things for men, women and children.
  2. To have drained quite a large number of persons a year at about ten each mouth, who will in turn become professional designers and make up artists.

Our vision

To provide exceptional fashion design outfits at affordable cost.

Our mission  

To exceed the customers’ expectations by providing quality services in a loving and caring ways.

Customers and competitions  

Our customers are any and everybody who loves to look good at all times. Men, women and children, petite and plus size all at affordable prices.

Our company is very much aware of competitions in the market. We know a lot of people are involved in fashion designing, it is indeed a big competition especially when it comes to the women attaire, since women love to look good without much effort in the process. But our company is dedicated to the expedient needs of our customers.

As earlier stated in our products and services, we offer fashion in a totally unique way. We make it homely and despite the large market and competition, we are bent on drawing the attention of a large crowd and empowering persons who wish to become entrepreneurs.

Competitive strategy 

Our major strategies are;

  • Creative style design
  • Prompt delivery


We sustain our business with not just the sales we make, but also with grants and loans we get from the bank.

With our long line of workers, we make it our priority to pay all our workers in time. We make a budget every year and revisit it every month to be sure we are on track.

The fashion design business is very profitable especially when one matters the techniques to its profitability. Although our products are affordable, we take the roll of ensuring that sales are not lost with the help of our budget.

With our competitive strategies we are sure our company would strive for a longer time.


Gracie show stopper trends strives to be the best despite the large competition in the marker. We desire to empower people to become entrepreneurs and pros in the fashion industry and we derive joy in being recovered with people’s stunning appearance.




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