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When an employee is accused of misconduct, their employer may choose to suspend them from duty while they investigate the situation.

A Letter Of Suspension From Duty is a formal document that outlines the reasons for the suspension and the conditions of the suspension. The letter should be given to the employee in person, and a copy should be kept on file.


From:                        The Head of Operation
Gemstone Global Services

To:                       Mr/Mrs./Miss…………………………..
Gemstone Hotel/ Gemstone Global Services


Subject Matter:                                LETTER OF SUSPENSION FROM DUTY

In view of the need, and in other to facilitate improvement and discipline in the management of Gemstone Hotel/Global Services. The chief executive officer Gemstone Hotel has observed with dismay non-challant attitude in uyo, malingering, gossiping, improper dressing and absent from duty.

It has been decided in accordance with the provision of code of conduct binding you and the management of Gemstone Hotel contrary to serial No. 24,23,25 and 31 paragraph 2 of code of conduct refers.

Therefore you are hereby suspended without pay till further notice. The decision to suspend you this to serve as a deterrent to other erring staff as conveyed in this letter is derives from instrument of authority conferred on me as a manager by the Gemstone Hotel management and contained in the instrument of delegation given and issued by the 30/10/2017.

You are hereby directed to proceed on suspension without pay all properties of Gemstone Hotel in your possession be handed to the Head of Operations accordingly. Disobedience to this order will entails stick action be warned.

Acknowledge receipts Pls.                                             “IMMEDIATE”

The Director
Gemstone Hotel

Cc: The head of operations
Global Services

Above for your information please.

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