How to Write Report for Meeting | See Sample Copy

Are you required to write a report for a meeting? Maybe you’re not sure how to go about starting. This guide will show you how to write a report for a meeting step-by-step, with a sample report included.


Report for the meeting on 13/08/2015, the meeting commence at the 5pm on the dot at the church premises. However there was a large turn up by youths.

The meeting was officially open by the youth chairman Bro Chelich Ephraim while worship songs and praises was lead by Bro Jery Augustine, during  prayer session, thanks giving prayer was lead by Bro Ifiok Johnson, bible reading wad taken from (Phi 4:6) prayer for church growth by Bro. Joshua Agan. Prayer for fresh grace upon the youth, prayer for the God spirit in youth before this time service of calls were made trying to contact the expected visitor but it was related to youth in the announcement through the resident pastor how he was ask to stand for the area pastor who could not make it for the visit. Thereby the visit was to be rescheduled some other time due to that the word of God was presented by resident pastor, Pastor Charles whose topic was “No More Delay” saying that the plan of God for human-beings is not delay but quick for God releases his blessing every day that Satan is the one delaying human-being. Furthermore man of God disclose that the delay of human-being is because of sin where he defined sin as Satan Identity Number (SIN) that we should forsake out sin and remove the filthy garment for Satan to leave us, that if Satan could delay Joshua, the chief priest before God then we are noting to Satan. The scripture was taken from 1 Thess. 2:18, Heb. 4:12, Jeri. 29:11, Zach. 3:3 and Pro. 18:1.

In the course of the youth meeting, prophecy through the man of God in the house, prophecies and anoint the youths who had not married for miracle marriages and youth who are jobless for miracle jobs. It in conclusion Pastor prayed for the speeding of the prophecies and advice youth to engage them self on something that noting is too small and be focus and not to surrender to unsuccessful attempt.

The meeting was round up by the youth chairman who thanks God for the success of the meeting and thank the pastor who God used to bless the youths and prayed for quick manifestation of the prophecies to the youths and also thank all the youth for honoring the invitation and charge them to trust in God, that the next date for the meeting shall be communicate to them through available channel and prayed for self journey.


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