What is Plot Structure and Narrative Techniques | Download Sample Copy

There’s more to writing a good story than just coming up with a great idea. You also need to have a solid understanding of plot structure and narrative techniques.


The story has a linear plot structure. First, a linear plot consists of a series of events that have a clear beginning, middle and end. It starts with the introduction, conflicts, climax and Resolution.

In the story, it first introduces the people and the village of Umuga and progresses to the war between the Kosori who tries to invade the Umuga and the Umuga decides to go to war as the conflict and the story climax after the war has been fought and happens that the Kosiri emerge as the winner and its ends has the people of Umuga and the Kosiri reconcile.

The Narrative technique in the novel is the first person point of view and objective point of view. It is the first person point of view because the Oluada uses “I” to tell their stories in the novel. It is objective also, because the reader has access to nobody’s thoughts. She only stands outside and tells about what she sees.

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