Download Simple Style | How to Write Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)

When you’re ready to write your Memorandum of Understanding, start with the date and the names and addresses of the parties involved. Then, provide a brief overview of the agreement. Next, go into more detail about what each party will do. Finally, wrap up with any additional terms or conditions.


This MOU is drawn up this day dated 11th September, 2022, between HAVILAHGATE GLOBAL RESOURCES and BOBOMBE TRUST ENTERPRISES for the purpose of facilitating the issuance of Lpo for the supply of 150,000 litres of diesel to Julius Berger Nig Plc, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

It was agreed that upon the award of the LPO, the photocopy will be given to   HAVILAHGATE GLOBAL RESOURCES for verification and after verification, the sum of N300,000 will be handed to BOBOMBE TRUST ENTERPRISES, before the original is handed over. While upon the receipt of payment for supply of diesel to JBN by HAVILAHGATE GLOBAL RESOURCES, the balance of N200,000.00 will be paid to BOBOMBE TRUST ENTERPRISES.

In default of the issuance of the Lpo, BOBOMBE TRUST ENTERPRISES shall refund all logistics monies it received to HAVILAHGATE GLOBAL RESOURCES.

This MOU is drawn up in good faith between the above parties.

…………………………                                                            ……..……….……..…………


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