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Your motivation letter is a chance to sell yourself to the company. It should be short, sweet, and to the point. In order to write an effective letter of motivation, you need to understand what the company is looking for and tailor your letter accordingly. Here is a sample cover letter template that you can use as a guide.

Here we bring to you another form of letter, this page has a lot to learn from, We will show you a sample of a letter of MOTIVATION and how to use that same letter to as an application letter, Read on.




John Smart JP, Applicant for MSc in Management 2021/2022 winter semester

Right from childhood I have always been entrusted with one leadership position to manage or another, whether it was in the university, my family or while I was in secondary school. I have always left each position better than I found it, a reason why the aura of a leader and a prodigy manager have always followed me anywhere I went to.

The reason I choose to study management is that its attached to my future aspiration of one day  being a nationalist in my country. I believe that my numerous years in managing different people and places has  greatly aided my development as an individual, most especially the opportunities my previous university gave to me.

Additionally, TUM has a reputation not only in Germany but also all over the world as the best honing ground for leaders , world beaters and world changers. If there are only two schools in Germany, I am quite sure that TUM will still be the number one as her track records over the years is unrivalled by any. .I have always been  fascinated by the culture, language and history of Germany. Unfortunately I have not had an opportunity to visit Germany yet. TUM does only provide me with an option to learn management but will also present the opportunity for me to learn about the wonderful people in Germany and her rich cultures, language and way of life.

Furthermore,  Having studied in Nigeria all my life, i have realized that its  time for a new challenge academically, the school interest in accepting only the best means that I would be able to also be able to challenge and test myself against other great students from all over the planet. I will help spark up writing contest and other extra curricular activities in TUM as I currently own a writing blog by name maffsport.com, a proof that I have an excellent command of English and the mental mettle to be a successful student when given an admission.

No man is an epitome of knowledge ,another  reason for  my choice of course management is a way of developing myself and to learn new things from other people as the also learn from me. I am always curious about learning new things from people because one day, the world might be depending on me for survival from famine, world war and even extinction.  As the ancient proverb goes “a mind once enlightened can never again grow dark”.

After successful completion of the MSc in management, I will love to give back to TUM by staying back to water other students who would come after me. When I return to my country, I intend to pursue a career in politics and also slot seamlessly into managing one position in my state with the astute management skills acquired from TUM. I believe the impressive educational prospects that TUM can boast of as one of the best anywhere in the world mean that this course is the best fit for me to navigate my path to achieving my long term goals and pursue my career as a politician.

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