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Importance Of 2go Communication


2go communication is one of the social media that has emerged over 2 decades now. Among are facebook, twitter, whatsapp, palmchat etc. this social media (2go) allows for instant messaging between two persons (interpersonal chat) or amongs a group of persons (group chat). This enables the exchange of meaningful information at a fast rate or speed. This media can be useful in teaching-learning process. Therefore this work is geared towards discussing the importance of 2go social media in the teaching and leaning of economic as unveiled below.

  1. Sharing of Photos and Images: 2go as a social media has a feature that allows photos and images to be shared among friends. E.g students can share photos of the reproductory system, demand and supply, organizational chart etc which enhances their understanding of these concepts and even make them to be more inquisive in thinking.
  2. It takes care of individual Differences: 2go enhances the sharig of information between individuals and groups. Thus it create a level playing ground for students of different characteristic, it allows meaningful communication among the students including the shy ones who would find it difficult to communicate in classroom setting. Such students can easily ask their questions and make contributions on 2go, thereby making it possible for their teacher to know their problems as well as profer or find solutions to such.
  3. Group Learning: Students can easily form or create a group on 2go through which they can help one another. Through this group students can easily share meaningful information between themselves. Also they can engage in a debate or discussions on topics that evolves around them with the help of the teacher who plays a regulatory role to make sure that such group discussion does not go beyond or deviate from the topic and objectives.
  4. Development and Sustenance of interest in Learners: 2go communication can help and enhance development and sustenance of interest in learners because learners learn well in an environment devoid of threat and distractions. 2go communication create an atmosphere which enhance development of interest because as learners play with their phones they learn simultaneously as such they enjoy every bit of it and learning becomes lasting in their memory. Also interest is sustained through continuous learning via 2go communication as the atmosphere is free from threat and distractions.
  5. Identification of Students Weakness and Strength Areas: 2go communication can be helpful in the sense that it eneables the teacher discover the strength and weaknesses of his students (learners). This is obtainable through interpersonal communication on 2go which allows students to easily share their problems, dreams, expectations etc. which are confidential with their teacher. Knowledge of all these enables the teacher to plan ahed of time and strategize on how to help students overcome their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths to achieve their pursuits in life.
  6. Maintenance of Quality teacher-Student Relationship: 2go communication allows for good teacher-students relationship because as both parties engage in prolonged interaction on the social media, they get to know more about each other, they understand each other. As the teacher attends to the problems and needs of his students they become intimately related.


2go communication has been of great importance in the teaching and learning of economics because it enables teacher student networking, takescare of learners individual differences encourages group learning, development of interest in learners, helps learners to overlook their weakness and make use of their strength  and creats good student-teacher relationship etc.

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