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On the page we will tech and also show you how to write a presenting testimony.
  1. Sis Uk – I’m here to thank God for everything God has done in my life.
  2. Sis E. – I’m thanking God for the last program, God did a wonderful thing in my life, I lost my menstrual cycle for 3 months but God restored it after the white men laid his hands on me. I return all glory to God.
  3. Gory I. – God has been so faithful in my family, I’m thanking God for my sister in-law who had difficulty breathing but God heal her.
  4. Sis Ima – Someone invited me to this program, I came here reluctantly, as I got home last about 10pm on my bedside, I was looking for my phone I couldn’t find it, but I decided to put on my light but of a sudden discovered a knife was on my bedside but the thieves buggiest my house, done away with some valuables but God preserved me, again I had dislocation in my office but within five days God heal me.

I thank God for what God has done for me. I come from a very good family, right from birth as I was told by my mum, I’ve been challenged I’ve done all manner of spiritual assignment but to no availing. I came here on a servant and became in contact with Pst. Eli what have accompanied me to pray in my family severally, but today God has kill that pharaoh in my family, today He is in mortuary, I’m here to return all the Glory to God Almighty because the entire village celebrate his death.

Sis. Glory – I’m here to celebrate this God for my mum. She actually work me up from sleep but 30 minutes after she became paralyzed. A strong man from village came to took for my brother but He wasn’t at home but after he left my mum became paralyzed. I’m here thanking God because my mum is in this meeting sound and harty.

I thank God for what he has done for me and my family, where we leave, once its  might we are afraid to sleep because we always experience strange movement, at times when  we cook soup, at night rats will open the pot and remove meet from the soup a very big rat, we call the Pst. To come and pray for us in this house and God gave me and my husband grace to kill the 2 rats, today we have  peace in my house and I return all the Glory to God.


Sis. Udeme – I’m thanking God who can do all things before 1st Sunday gathering here I had a revelation when I came here God said exactly what I saw in my revelation. I called my brother and told him what God said and he responded accordingly. On Friday he went to drop off someone in the Port Harcourt, he was involved in an accident that could have claim lives but God preserved His life and the lives of others. I’m here to celebrate that God that has made me to laugh. May His name alone be magnified.

  1. Esther – sing for God through song
  2. Iddy – Praise God through song
  3. Michael – I came near in August and I had a challenge but God delivered me here; I was a thank but I ask God that I need my house lipaid the landlord 130 and in January new the landlord came asking me for more money, I told him I don’t have and the landlord told me that he will cut me like millipede so I came to councelling God said to me He will fight for me and this very man died confess if that my prayers is what put me in grave.
  4. Esther – Finished youth service and came back as I was. I discovered that my belly was getting bigger on daily basis, I almost lost my life one day and angel came to me in the dream that I should pray with Pastor Eli, since August, all the pains and discomfort gone.

My sister, as she graduated from notie-dame she …………………. Her result all as she took the result to show to the father and the step mum came collected the result and look stainly on it and port block her admission but coming here God told her that she will have admission and not just an admission but in medicine in University of Nsuka my God also heal me of illness that was suppose to place me on drugs hourly but today I’m healed may His name be glorified.

  1. Thank God because God has done a great thing for me. In my family I’ve never seen marriage canopy in my family but God told me to follow Him, I’m from a very good family, last September the was canopy in my family on my head and soon another canopy will be erected for me again.

Deving Tony – Sing to praise God

  1. Sandra Emmanuel – Thank God for being faithful to me and my family. Sing for God.

Glory Ita – thank God for supernatural supply

  1. I was her in Sept to attend the program but as I got here my spirit told me stay, as I stood at the back, the servant of God threw a sachet of water to me and told me that my family don’t want me to gather my riches as I got home that night I should poor it in my family compound as I did that the strong men of my family spoke to me after 26yrs and I also thank God for this men of God has giving me.
  2. God has use His servant Pst. Eli to turn round my stories, I came here and God use his servant to use water to wash my feet, there is a job I handle we almost quarreled, another one I did, the said no I should do it again but after feet washing I was called to come and do the job and another men he brought began to do some fettish things and even made a statement that nail in the site can kill me but I wasn’t afraid of his statement but God preserved me and my workers till completion of that job and second place also call on me to come and do the job. To God be the Glory.
  3. Eli – thank God for what happen in his house today. This morning as I got up preparing to got church I head a bounce on my roof. I had a revelation an Uruan people surrounded me and I was ion their middle and they weh zil said the want to see how I will escape but God gave me fire so prayed through the scripture God gave me in the human and I prayed all hgher so this morning, a big birth flew and hit on my roof and died. So I than God for becoming His on my roof and making victorious.

I thank God since Saturday, I was very ill and was given medication but to no avail but on Thursday was to pray with a family but I couldn’t but in my dream a friend come and said take this anointing oil and drink its set to you through Pst Eli as I drank it in dream woke Sis Esther up sound.

  1. I thank God for what he has done in my life during prayer God used Pst Eli to prophesy for me and I’ve been experiencing some strength movement in my body, I was Sis attack by manmade spirit but here God delivered me here I return Glory to God
  2. I thank God for what God has done in my life, I enrolled in school I will pay my fees but Glory to God, he saw me through and I was able to write my exams. God has transformed my life.
  3. Abasi Ama I had a problems right in my JS3 but I didn’t tell my parents and the 2nd thing is that my dad had stroke, to the Glory of God those two thins God has done it for me.
  4. I thank God for what he has done for me and my family I was given anointing the 21 took it my fathers compound he make so declaral, but I was told someone said I’ve spoil their things we also pack from the 1st started coming celebrate us but I use the blood of Jesus put blood line on my door post and in the compound, stop them, God manifested himself in the 1st
  5. I thank God who delivered me on the 31st night, the compound I learned, is a very good compound, I had an attack at night but God delivered me.
  1. I’m thanking God for giving my sister in-law safe delivery and I return all the Glory to God almighty.
  2. I’m thanking God for what God has done in my life and my family. Indeed God provided for us in the month of January without begging for bread. I also thank God for this month of January, I never had pre-knowledge of the proportion interview in my office but as I got to office I saw the notice and went in for the interview and I was promoted to the next level.

Thirdly I’m thanking god for my mother, she has been very sick. My mum had a vaccination that wasn’t for her and as a result of that she was hospitalized and the Doctor said if the effect victimization last her system for ten years, so her health will be in that condition, that she will only recover when the effect is gone, and at a point her hand was inflamed and the Doctor decided to open the pose, at any they won’t didn’t heal. When I visited her I use the blessed water from this prayer camp in her, today she is perfectly leaved and the wound closed up.

  1. I’m thanking God for healing my mum. While people where in the last camp meeting dancing celebrating God in this place, I was thinking of my mums health, but I joined others to celebrate God in a dance. I had a call from my sister and decided to leave the gathering, I got home and prayed for her, today my mum is found and hearty. I return all Glory to God in Almighty for such miracle Sis————- healing in the life of my mum.
  2. Pst Eli ___ thanking God for what God did for him in the last prayer camp meeting. God delivered me from the dead trap of the enemy and I’m set free. I’m thanking God for ordering my steps to walk with Pst Eli. Ever since I came in contact with Pst Eli mystories have changed and I’m able to pay my house rent. Pst ————-
  3. I thank God for transforming my life and that of my family and making us to be alive to see 2020.
  4. Sis —- I’m here to thank God for taking me to delivery room and bringing me and my baby alive, I give God all the Glory
  1. Mos Nseobong Anthony _ I’m thanking God for what God has done for me. The enemy challenged that I will not come out alive from the delivery room but my God preserve me and my baby, and we came out alive, I return to give god all the Glory.
  2. I’m thanking the God of this commission that has brought my sister in-law alive from the delivery room, the enemy vowed she will not come out alive but God has made us to smile and I return all the Glory to God.
  3. Sis S. I _ God delivered me and my family from the hands fake past and I come to return all the Glory to God for this Great deliverances.

Sis Glory Micheal Bassey

  1.  I sat down one day so my son called me that he is in the police station so when I went to the police station and saw my son so he told me that he saw a lady on facebook so when the lady come to his house the lady died. So when she came God use Pastor Elijah and give her pure water so when she took the water home she drunk the water immediately the sister of the death lady called her and told her that they need the corps of their sister on 14 of Jan. so she took the death body to the village of the lady so the family rose up against but she saw God taking over the solution.
  2.  19 years in the army God saw me through. When I had an open pass so I came back and God gave me a business so I call my people and told them that am not working with army again. So one day I went to my site before I know I fail down I was not myself so I fell down and I also felt like going to toilet so I asked them to bring anointing oil from my car so they brought the oil and pour on me and I regain back myself after that I discover that they sent a ghost for me. But God intervene for me.






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