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When you have been denied benefits, you have the right to file an appeal. To do this, you will need to write a special appeal letter. This can be a daunting task, but we are here to help.

How to Write Special Appeal


Chief LEO Oji
The Clan Head Afikpo
Afikpo L.G.A
Abia State.



Sir, with due respect to your office, all protocol observe. With due consultation between me and my brethren, is now high time for us to stand on our feet for our right in retrieving our landed property which has been under control of some relations, this land has been cultivated without the permission of the rightful owner I sincerely appeal to you sir, that hence forth nobody should cultivate any land without permission from me or my agent and caretaker.

I have previously send a letter to Chief Ita Ekpenyong the family head of Nung Ananga to stay clear from our property (2) the piece of land Ndon Utuk which was  my father’s share of the property should not be cultivated by anybody henceforth except my caretaker.

Concerning the compound I have asked the tenant to pay a year rent for the renovation, the refuse now they are to pack out. Again Philomena Okon Utuk is flexing her muscle with me that my father shared the compound to his late father Okon Utuk since his life time.

It is evidence that a property belong to nobody except my father and there is a witness to testify to this.

Once again, I bring to your notice that Mr. Okon Bassey Bassey henceforth is my agent and Mr. Godwin Akpan Mbat my caretaker and full authority have been given to them from me.

Please Sir, I need your immediate intervention in this case.


Yours Faithfully,
Emma Ekpo    

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