Download Best Sample Copy of Recommendation Letter 2022

When you sit down to write a recommendation letter, you might be at a loss for what to say. After all, it’s not every day that you’re asked to praise someone’s professional skills and abilities.

On this page we will show you two steps on how to write letter of recommendation to any firm.

we urge you to read carefully and follow steps, we assure you the best of writing after reading this .


The Provost,
Nigerian Christian Bible College,


I write to introduce to you and recommend NSIKAN BASSEY OKON, who is seeking admission into the college. Nsikan is an indigene of Ikot Usen and a member of the Church of Christ, Ikot Usen. He is a recent convert into the body of Christ, but the interesting thing is that he has chosen the noble path of coming to learn more about Christ, the Bible and the many issues of spiritual life. I, therefore, recommend that you accept him.

Nsikan is a young man with humble, diligent and obedient character. He is one who is ready to abide by instructions and contribute toward the achievement of group goals, especially as it concerns the church. He is therefore a great asset for the church, family and the society.

Let Nsikan be given a place in the school. Thank you.

Below is another way of still writing letter of recommendation


I am grateful to write and notify you that the bearer Victor Nelson Abasiubong is my staff. I have known him for a period of three years, throughout the period he has served in the establishment. He is hardworking, diligent, transparent and focus.

Please give him any necessary assistance he may require from you.

Thanks for your cooperation

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