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An Appeal for Intervention is a letter written to a higher authority asking them to intervene in a situation. It is important to be clear and concise in your writing, and to make sure that all of the relevant information is included. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write an Appeal for Intervention

Below is an appeal for intervension, Many have been going through alot in life which need intervension,or help from upper level to use their office to help solve a particular matter.

thus your problem might be different, but we promise you after finish reading this, you will be able to creative enough put thing into writing.

N/B please remember you must write your own address, which will always come at the right to conner of your letter page inciding the date.


The Vice Chancellor
University of Uyo
The Dean
Students Affairs Division
University Of Uyo

Dear Sir,


I humbly write with respect to my petition title: REFUSAL TO ALLOW ME GRADUATE: AN APPEAL FOR THE DEAN OF STUDENTS TO INTERVENE, dated 19th July, 2017 and submitted same date at the Division.

I wish to intimate you on the developments surrounding the probe into my petition and the appeal for your intervention.

My case has been the refusal to sign my Graduate Clearance Form by Dr. Kufre Michael Udofia, Acting Head of Department, Electrical/Electronic and Computer Engineering who demands that I should pay a certain amount of money to him through Dr. Kingsley Udofia before he could endorse my clearance. He alleged that the sum demanded is a misappropriated NAEEES fund which according to him, he is mandated by the Management to collect from me.

His actions were followed by character defamation, extortion, and blackmail. And, I happen to be the only graduate from the 2015/2016 batch of graduates who completed his studies within the five years full-time study duration and had his result ratified by the Senate of the University of Uyo on 21st February, 2017, and results were sent to the Students Affairs Division for NYSC mobilization but have not been allowed to graduate.

I believe that the action against me was provoked by my outright refusal to abuse my office during my service years as the President, NAEEES UNIUYO, and to succumb to his blackmail as did other graduates whom he unilaterally cleared for NYSC mobilization. I stood firmly against injustice and corrupt practices in the department of Electrical/Electronic and computer engineering throughout my service years, and I still maintain my moral standing up until now.

It is on record that I opposed practices of funds’ embezzlement, extortion and imposition of unauthorized dues on students, favoritism, examination misconducts, and any form of compromise on academic standards through bribing of academic projects examiners and other unethical practices and procedures.

My motives were properly guided by the University of Uyo Vision and Mission Statements. And, I pursued academic excellence, imbibing the core values of our dear institution. By the grace of God, I consider myself a gatekeeper of quality, and I do not intend to compromise.

I am not an offender. But, I believe this to be the reason for his actions.

Sir, I deem it necessary to remind you that, Dr. Kufre M. Udofia as I stated in the original petition, actually refused to endorse my Final Year Clearance Form asserting that he is following an Order from the University of Uyo Senate, leaving an impression that it is actually the Management  that is keeping me from graduating. Details of actions he took were all stated sequentially in my original petition (see attached). And, I have evidence to back my claims of victimization and innocence.

However, most disturbing is the attitude of persons whose offices the Vice Chancellor on two counts minute my petition for investigations. I have been neglected by these persons, and was heavily intimidated rather than attended to.

Against my hope, treatments I received from these offices along with frequent assertions such as: “This is what the system is from the top to bottom”, “Stop wasting your time. Go and settle with your HOD”, would almost put a bad name on a brand I give everything to protect daily.

More so, it is evident that my continual resistance to his exploitation of students and consistent abuse of office as the Acting Head of Department in the name of the Management has provoked a new phase of evil plots against me and my family.

On November 7th, 2017, having appeared before the acting Dean of Students as summoned, while walking out of the Town campus, premises, a band of armed men whom I could recognize as graduates and undergraduates of University of Uyo apprehended me and collected items from me at gunpoint, threatening that it is just the beginning as they will not stop until all monies belonging to NAEEES reported stolen by Dr. Kingsley Udofia recovered by all means. These men further threatened that; any attempt to rubbish any lecturer in that department with nonsense petitions will cost me my life.

Prompt response by men of the security unit surveillance team, however, saved the day. All items collected from me were recovered. But, it was realized that one of the recovered item, the Smartphone, was factory reset. All data were erased.

Earlier, on October 8th, 2017, a feed transmitted from a conversation that took place at Dr. Kufre M. Udofia’s office revealed a plot to tamper with my academic records.

Please, Sir, my appeal to you once more is a statement of faith. I believe that University of Uyo is a great citadel of learning and is playing a lead role in nation building and sustainable development. I believe University of Uyo is a citadel of learning where guardians of our society are produced. I believe that University of Uyo as an institution does not abhor criminals. I believe that the Management does not support victimization of students and human rights violation. I believe in your office and capacity to think through and follow through, and to deliver me from every stronghold in your jurisdiction.

It is not my aim to punish any lecturer or serving staff of the institution. My only demand is, that which I earned with great diligence be delivered to me, having satisfied all academic requirements, and in total compliance with the rules and regulations guiding undergraduate degree programme in University of Uyo.

Please, Sir, consider that an average family like mine, who sold properties and acquired loans just to afford my study expenses does not have money enough to pay for a security service to guarantee my 24 hours safety within and outside Akwa Ibom State.

Today is my 23rd birthday. Although heartbroken, but that grace is sufficient for me to once again write your office, I will not lose hope. I pray to live, and to find myself in selfless service to humanity. I shall consider myself the happiest among the living as God Almighty shall use your office to deliver justice

Receive the assurance of my highest regards.

May God Almighty continue to strengthen you. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Emma Joe

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