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The main purpose of a biography is to tell the story of a person’s life, but there are other purposes as well. here we will tell you all you need to know about biography.

What is Biography

A biography is a story about someone’s life. It can be written by someone else or by the subject of the biography. A good biography will give the reader a sense of what the person was like, what they did, and why they were important.

To write a good biography, you will need to do some research about your subject. This can include talking to people who knew them, reading old letters or diaries, and looking at photographs. You will also need to decide what kind of story you want to tell. Is this a story of success, tragedy, or both? Once you have done your research and decided on the kind of story you want to tell, you can start writing.

Remember to keep the story interesting, and don’t get bogged down in details. A good biography should give the reader a sense of who the person was, what they did, and why they were important.

How to write a good Biography

A biography is a story about someone’s life. Biographies are usually written about people who are famous, such as presidents, athletes, actors, and writers. But you can also write a biography about someone you know personally, such as a friend or family member. To write a good biography, you need to choose a subject that you are interested in and have access to information about. You will also need to interview people who knew the subject of your biography.

Introduction to Biography

A biography is a story about someone’s life. It can be written by somebody else or by the person themselves. A good biography should give an accurate account of the person’s life, including their childhood, education, work, and relationships. It should also provide insight into their personality and motivations.

Why we most Write Biography

We most often write biography to capture and preserve the essence of a person’s life. In many cases, the biographer is also the subject’s confidante, and the act of creating a biography can be therapeutic for both parties. In other instances, the biography may serve as a eulogy or obituary, celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away.

No matter what the reason for writing a biography, there are certain elements that must be included in order to create a successful and compelling story. Here are some tips on how to write a good biography:

1. Do your research. This is especially important if you are not personally acquainted with your subject. You will need to gather as much information as possible in order to paint a complete picture of the person’s life.

2. Start at the beginning. A good biography should include a chronological account of the subject’s life, starting from birth and moving through to their present day.

3. Include key details and events. While you don’t need to include every minute detail, it is important to include key events that have shaped the person’s life. These could be things like major illnesses, divorces, job changes, etc

How to write Biography

The main purpose of a biography is to tell the story of a person’s life, but there are other purposes as well. A biography can be written to:

-To inform: A biography tells the story of someone’s life, which can provide information about that person and their accomplishments.

-To inspire: A biography can tell the story of someone who has overcome adversity or achieved great things, which can inspire others to do the same.

-To entertain: A biography can be an interesting and enjoyable read, even if it doesn’t necessarily inform or inspire.

If you’re interested in writing a biography, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, choose a subject that you’re passionate about or have a personal connection to. This will make the writing process more enjoyable and ensure that your finished product is more likely to engage readers. Second, do your research. This means not only reading other biographies, but also conducting interviews with people who knew your subject well. Third, write in your own voice. A biography is ultimately a story, so make sure to inject your own style and personality into the narrative. And finally, don’t forget to edit! Even the best biographies need

below is a Sample of a Biography…



AGE 1841-2018 (77YEARS)

PREAMBLE: Vanity of vanities says the preacher vanity of vanities all is vanity. What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sin? A generation goes and a generation comes but the earth remains for ever the sun rises and sun goes down and hastens to the place where it rises (Ecc. 1:2-5).


Late Deaconess Eunice Akpan Udo Etok was born in 1941 to Late Chief Akpan Udo Etok of Nung Ekanem Mfiɔk inIkot Obo Idoro and Late Madame Udowan Akpan Udo Etok of Afua all in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.


Late Deaconess Eunice Akpan Udo Etok was sent to then school of Scotland Mission Idoro, where she read up to standard two which enable her to read and write.


Deaconess Eunice Akpan Udo Etok (alias Eka Uma) was given in marriage to Late Udo Akpan Umo of Ibiaku Ikot Oku after the death of the husband the marriage ended and her father took her back home to stay in her father’s compound. She was blessed with many children which witness her farewell service today.


Late Deaconess Eunice Akpan Udo Etok embrace Christ from her youthful age, she was a devoted Christian this character enable her to all the ministers of the gospel and in particularly in Emmanuel Church, she was baptized and confirmed a full communicant member by Late Rev. Asuquo Okon Udo of the blessed memory in the early 1970s, due to her devotional attitude to the services of God she was appointed a deaconess in 1986, being fervent in spirit she was selected the first deputy national female fellowship president of Emmanuel Church, during the church reformation era by the Late Apostle M. O. Daniel of the blessed memory.

She was also a foremost leader female fellowship of ECCM Akwa Ibom State Chapter, A District female fellowship leader Idoro District, as well as Ikot Enyin Assembly respectively. Also one of the pioneer leader who piloted the relocation and building of Emmanuel Church Ikot Enyin Assembly and also the establishment of Usuk Inyang Assembly.

She was indeed a other who took care of the ministers of the gospel, and the church in general.


Mma Eka-Uma as she was fondly called was an industrious woman she combined farming and trading as her means of livelihood. She was also a midwife, mother whose services do testify of her God-given talent even till today.


Mma Eka-Uma was a highly sociable to individual, a generous mother to all who came her way, Mma Eka-Uma’s life style endued her the respet and love of her community and village she belong. This endeen her to be selected as a women leader in Ikot Obo Idoro in Ibiono Ibom L.G.A. till death.


Late Deaconess Eunice Akpan Udo Etok took ill some times but on the late hours of 6th October 2018 at 5.am she had a call from her creator and she passed on peacefully to meet her dead Lord and saviour. May her gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Lord Jesus – Amen.

Mmas ana sung-o-o.


We the entire family of late deaconess Eunice Akpan Udo Etok for the success granted us on every siold in the course of and this funeral arrangement. We deeply and heartily appreciate, the Emmanuel church of Christ mission for their support we also thank the Christ deliverance Zion light of god church for their coming, we also thanks the burial/funeral committee member, we thank our in-laws, family members as well as other member of any organization.

We also appreciate the effort of our relatives both paternal and maternal, we also appreciate our well wishers for your good advice and prayers and the entire Ikot Obo Idoro Ibiono Ibom L.G.A it is our prayer that as you have stood by us in our time of need, God will reward you exceedingly when you need him.

May the Almighty God grant you all journey mercies back to your various destinations in Jesus name – Amen.

Mr. Afonime Udo Akpan

For the family  







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