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One way to build a good entrepreneurial relationship is by writing a letter of introduction. A letter of introduction can help build rapport and let the recipient know a little bit about you and your business. Here are some tips on how to write a letter of introduction -Introduce yourself in a friendly, professional manner
-Provide information that will be useful to the recipient
-Offer something useful or interesting, such as an opportunity or advice
-End with your contact information
Job Description of Personnels

6.2.1  Executive Director: She oversees the general operations of the business. She does the strategizing and charts the course for the business. Major decisions are taken by her, this most times are done after consulting other workers in the business.

6.2.2  General Manager/Supervisor: He oversees the day to day running of the business. He supervises the activities of other workers in the organization instruction as affecting the business to them, then communicate same to the executive director. He is the operational head of the organization.

6.2.3  Administrative/Account Department: In this department, the record of the business is maintained. They keep files, documents and account of the business information from this department is vital for decision making.

6.2.4  Production Department: These consist of people working in the farmland to ensure quality yield. They introduce improved crop varieties, from cultivation to harvest, then ready for distribution.

6.2.5  Marketing/Sales Department: They ensure sales and distribution of the produce. They advertise the business and conduct with customer. It is worthy of note that staff of the organization work hand-in-hand. they share information and connect to ensure that the objectives of the business is achieved and ensure profitability of the business.

6.3     Number of Employers Needed   

Executive Director                          –        1

General Manager/Supervisor                  –        1

Administrative/Account Department

Administrator head                        –        1

Other staff                                        –        2

–        3

Production department

Production head                             –        1

Other Staff                                       –        2

–        3

Marketing department

Marketing head                              –        1

Other staff                                        –        1

Total number of staff                      –        10

There is need to state here that for the first 6 months, the Executive director and production manager are payable on salary bases. Other staff will be inducted later as sales improve to assist in balance of  inflow and outflow of funds.

7.1  Budget For Hiswill Group Of Companies (3 Months) A (Hiswill

       Farms/Growings) Waterleaves, Vegetable/Micro Crop

Brought forward balance N17,450 N171, 650 N325,850
Savings N70,000
Sales N185,000 N185,000 N185,000
Grant loan
Cash borrowed N30,000
Total N100,000 N202,450 N356,650 N510,850
Farm land (Rent) N15,000
Water leaves N6,000
Water N500 N500 N500 N500
Manure N1,800 N1,800 N1,800 N1,800
Clearing of land N2,250
Bed making N8,000
Hose N10,000
Planting N4,000
Tools N4,000
Transport N5,000 N5,000 N5,000 N5,000
Seedlings of micro crops/vegetable N1,000


Administrative cost N1,500
Personnel Allowance N15,000 N15,000 N15,000 N15,000
Advertisement N3,500 N3,500 N3,500 N3,500
Miscellaneous N5,000 N5,000 N5,000 N5,000
Total N82,550 N30,800 N30,800 N30,800
Deficient/Surplus N17,450 N171,650 N325,850 N480,050


Income from sales N5000 per bag x 18 bed = 90,0000 x 2time cutting

180,000 (waterleaf)

Income from sales of micro crops – 5,000 monthly.

7.2     Financial Risks and contingencies

We recognize that our farm, services both input and output factors are subject to both market and agricultural risk. We will face wisely all the risk that is associated with start-up process like ours. We feel we can overcome these with our expertise and innovations that we offer in our business and by quickly rectifying any unforeseen situation that overtook our system. We see that the financial status of people in this area where our farm situates seems very unstable, but we will stretch to establish market contacts with people of high profile, highly populated places and boarding schools so that our business will thrive.

7.3     Conclusion

The budget shows the level of profit that is envisaged in this business couple with the satisfaction the business gives to the populace in fulfilling its vision and mission. Even though every figure here is not cast-on-stone but yes, the estimations (though not too high) on sale breeds a smile on the business’ future face, its workers and the populace (the target market). We in a short while will expand the business to meet more persons’ need; so this is just the end to the beginning.

8.0     Résumé of the Executive Director

Name:        Miss Uduakabsi Umoh. (Daughter of a farmer)

Sex:            Female

Marital Status:   Single

Profession:                   Nursing

Religion:             Christianity

Other passion:   Agriculture, Relationship coach, speaking and writing

Experiences (Agricultural): She grew up in a sitting where agriculture was the second work of the family hence the name (Daughter of a farmer). She alongside with parents and siblings has cultivated vast lands, of maize, cassava, vegetables, and even pineapple plantation of about 3 hectres of land. She developed her love for farming because it brought food to table readily, kept us busy at holiday periods and farm land environment had breed visions and ideas of my sibling with which some of them are in existence.

To this end, this passion is to see food on more tables, employ others, and save money for other vital project to be executed by the direction. So watch this space???               

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