Sample Letter of Dismissal/Termination of Employment

A Letter of Dismissal/Termination of Employment is a formal letter issued by an employer to an employee to terminate their employment. The letter should state the reason for the termination and the date of the termination. It is important to have a Letter of Dismissal/Termination of Employment in order to protect the employer from any legal liability.


From:             The Head of Operation
                   Gemstone Hotel
To:              .........................
                   Gemstone Hotel


    Infor:                                DISMISSAL/TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT


In view of the need and in other to facilitate improvement in the management of Gemstone Hotel/Global Services, the chief executive office has observed with dismay non-challant attitude in you, disloyal behaviour, conspiracy to commit crime, dishonest acts and stealing, during the course of your duty.

It has been decided in accordance with the provision of code of conduct binding the staff of the hotel, contrary to serial No. 1,5 and 9 of cc refer. Therefore your services are no longer needed and you are hereby dismissed and your employment from Gemstone Hotel as conveyed in this letter is derives from the instrument of authority conferred on me as a manager by Gemstone Hotel/Global Services and contained in the instrument of delegation given and issued on 30/10/2017.

You are hereby directed to handover all management property in your possession immediately to the head of operations, including ID card if issue to avoid embarrassment.


Acknowledge receipts Pls.                                            “IMMEDIATE”

The Director
Gemstone Hotel

Cc: The head of operations
Global Services


Above for your information please.



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